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Websites and platforms

Landing page

We build landing pages for users who are interested in clean and comprehensible websites without any flow interruption. This product is perfect for new businesses that have minimalist content and have yet to grow.
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We develop multi-page websites that are truly versatile and can show the true strengths of your business. This product is a good fit for already established businesses that have a growing portfolio and would like to navigate the users to a specific page.

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E-commerce webshop

We create webshops on the Shopify and WordPress CMS for E-commerce businesses that need to be technically sound, functional, and enable a seamless shopping experience for their buyers.

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Strategy and branding

Branding strategy

We give your story an actual face—an identity that will help your users resonate with you. Services include market research, brand evaluation, and setting up a strategy that goes in line with your goals.
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User experience

We create products that are on brand, have outstanding visuals, and most importantly – provide seamless usability. Our websites are device-agnostic, which means that your users can get you on any Internet-supported device.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We conduct in-depth research of your target audience and define the exact “spots” where you can meet them. SEO is the holy grail of digital marketing and we define the buzzwords that will drive your website’s traffic.

Creative solutions

Visual identity

We help your brand become recognizable. Through the psychology of colors, we design bold visuals to awaken specific emotions in your website visitors and invite them for another visit.
brand design showcase

Content creation

We write engaging website copy that will help your users resonate with your story, discover your strengths, and eventually convert them from prospects to paying customers.

Video and photography

We expanded to video and photography services to save you countless hours on retouching and avoid unpleasant experiences with copyright policies.

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