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Sell online like a pro
with the ultimate
website package!

Sell online like a pro
with the ultimate
website package!

We turn your vision into a beautiful, high-converting website that helps your ideal clients buy from you.

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Complete solution

We offer packages for a fixed price that include everything you need if you’re looking for a new website that helps you get more clientsonline.

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Optimized for growth

Your fully optimized, fast, and device-agnostic site will improve your visibility in search engines so that you’re found by the right people.

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Fast development

Get a high-performing website delivered in two weeks or less – affordably and swiftly – thanks to our pre-developed framework.
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We’ll give you the support you need to easily manage your own site. No more contacting web developers every time you need to change something.

Customer case study:

From zero to +€100k net revenue within one year.


Without spending a dime, after three initial low-budget launch campaigns (<200€), the powerful impact of our basic SEO measures is proving to be a no-brainer.

Google Reviews

In one year we received 40 ratings (4.8) thanks to our local SEO strategy, while the strongest local competitor received only 27 ratings (4.7) in 3 years (9 ratings per year).


Both basic and local SEO measures were part of our brand strategy and demonstrate that WhizzByte can achieve a lot with little investment, as the sales figures show.

case study analytics google analytics web 6adb7c54
case study print marketing costs c92ed0dd

Print marketing

1000 flyers for display in local stores about webshop launch
case study sm ad costs 7a4ce89d

Social Media Marketing

Three facebook campaigns to generate traffic to the website
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Bounce Rate

Bounce rate within the delivery zone (state of Hessen) only 44.95%.
case study site traffic beforeand after seo strategy 8a13de1c

x2.2 higher monthly traffic after SEO

Reference month of Oct., as seasonally higher sales are generated for this month and Nov. For the latter, the data are still incomplete at the time of reporting (Nov. 17).
case study turnover seo client 6c503d52

Net sales in this period over €100k

Period from the beginning of Sept. 2020 until the end of Oct. 2021
case study turnover before seo client ce74d3c5

Net sales in October before SEO

case study turnover after seo client e15e3a67

x2.9 higher net sales in October after SEO

How it works.

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We ask you questions to get super clear about what you do and why. Discovery helps us learn about your brand and business goals so we can focus our efforts on getting the results you deserve.
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Content creation

We write engaging website copy that will help your users resonate with your story, discover your strengths, and eventually convert them from prospects to paying customers.

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We help your brand become recognizable. Through the psychology of colors, we design bold visuals to awaken specific emotions in your website visitors and invite them for another visit.

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We walk you through your new website and teach you how to make updates. We go live, improve your visibility in search engines, and make sure you’re found by the right people.

Extended warranty:

Our clients always know what they get.

2 revision loops

Throughout the design stage, we’re checking in with you to ensure that you’ll get the website exactly as you want. No simplifications, no shortcuts.

1-day training & support

We make sure you feel 100% in control over your website so (if you want) you can make updates easily yourself anytime you like.

30-day warranty

We will correct any bug recognized on your website ASAP within 30 days after the website is handed over to you.

1-year free hosting (-€240)

Focus on what matters while we keep your site running smoothly, making sure it stays stable, online and accessible to your customers (only classic package).

6-month SEO checkup

We’ll make a comparison of key metrics after 6 months and help you to advance your position so your brand can grow. 

No wonder why they love working with us.

  • whizzbyte testimonial potrait 3 b39ae62a
    Raliza van Oijen
    Founder & CEO
    Perfect Strangers Productions

    quotation mark WhizzByte did an amazing job in creating a website that presents our creative and loving approach to organizing shows and musical events! Perfect Strangers Production now has a completely new, great, and artistic web design! The service is quick, solution-oriented, and very personal! We are more than great full to work hand in hand with WhizzByte to develop our business and bring it to the next level!

  • whizzbyte testimonial potrait 2 336af135
    Avon Kettner
    Presenter & TV-Host

    quotation mark I could not have imagined that a service could be so flawless! I was blown away by the detail put into it, which shows that WhizzByte understood my needs thoroughly and delivered on them. Our collaboration resulted in a turnkey service comprising website development, SEO, marketing, external impact, and positioning—all of which perfectly fit my personality.

  • whizzbyte testimonial potrait 4 f0afbf63
    Dominik Rühl
    Founder & CEO
    Brennholz Rühl

    quotation mark WhizzByte helped us redesign our dull website, turning it to a modern, user-friendly, and highly-functional webshop. Timing was an essential aspect of our collaboration, and the WhizzByte team worked tirelessly to deliver before the firewood purchase season started. Most importantly, the team remained at our disposal for every additional question we had after the website launch.

  • whizzbyte testimonial potrait 1 1e0cfec3
    Viktor Kimovski
    Marketing Specialist
    Freightech Inc.

    quotation mark I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new web site. You guys did a wonderful job and it has been awesome to work with everyone on your team. Every day we get compliments and new more freights on our site!

  • whizzbyte testimonial potrait 6 2a3e971c
    Antonella Terrazas
    Professional Dancer

    quotation mark I’m very thankful for their work! Professional and fast. They reach my expectations. I had an amazing photoshoot and s super professional video for my Christmas Tango Party! All in great quality that I’m using for my social media marketing. No doubt, I will keep working with them. They know what the client needs and help to arrive at a clear goal!

    The real deal.

    To help you fulfill your dream without putting a strain on your budget, we offer two affordable packages and price plans to meet your needs.

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    discount 20 icon 1
    multi devices responsive makeup website design mockup 7796bc14
    Package 1

    €2,999 €1,999

    Customized website template

    A customized in-house WordPress website template that is fully responsive and GDPR-compliant based on your direction, and brand guidelines.

    Perfect for businesses that have already content.

    What You Get:

    • Revision of your content and design
    • Photo sourcing and retouching
    • Basic SEO to get you started
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    Package 2

    €5,999 €4,999

    Website from scratch

    WordPress website that is fully responsive and GDPR-compliant made from scratch based on our in-house design mock-ups.

    Perfect for new businesses that have no content and have yet to grow.

    What You Get:

    Everything from the Starter Package and more:
    • Copy and design from scratch
    • On-site and local SEO
    • 1 year premium hosting
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    Only available until NYE

    Seal your December deal!

    home cta 01

    6-month payment plan

    €299/month (+499€ deposit)

    Pay off your website in six
    affordable installments.

    • Deposit: Due now with the order to book your slot in our production calendar.
    • 1nd payment: Billed at 01. January 2021.
    • 2rd payment: Billed 30 days after the first payment.
    • and so on…
    home cta 01

    Progress payment (save 15%)

    €499/four rates

    Pay off your website in four
    affordable rates.

    home cta 02

    12-month payment plan

    €349/month (+999€ deposit)

    Pay off your website in six
    affordable installments.

    • Deposit: Due now with the order to book your slot in our production calendar.
    • 1nd payment: Billed at 01. January 2021.
    • 2rd payment: Billed 30 days after the first payment.
    • and so on…
    home cta 02

    Progress payment (save 15%)

    €499/four rates

    Pay off your website in four
    affordable rates.

    Tell us all the things.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is where you will find most answers. If there should still
    be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    How do we get started?

    Send us a message via our contact form with everything we should know about your project. We will check if your ideas fit into this framework and send you an offer with the next possible date in our calendar. Then we will discuss all the details so that you have all the resources at hand when the project starts.

    Who owns the new website?

    When we launch your new website, we transfer the ownership over to you, and we also give you the rights to the intellectual property. You own everything.

    However, we will keep the website on our servers until the website is paid in full. This only applies to the monthly payment plans.

    What website hosting do you provide?

    We ensure award winning WordPress hosting and support, so you can be confident your site is well looked after. You get Kinsta Pro hosting ($600/year) for only €240 per year at agency conditions. Here are some highlights:

    • 1 WordPress install
      Including a free domain
    • 50.000 visits
      Monthly unique traffic
    • 20 GB SSD disk space
      Google Cloud Platform
    • Free SSL & CDN
      28 global locations

    Do I have to pay for updates?

    We work closely with our clients to assure delivering the best possible results regarding cost and time. To that end, we define project milestones jointly with the client and implement them upon approval. This approach has proven to be effective because our clients always know what they get—without surprises. Consequently, revision loops are reduced to a minimum.

    With our training, lifetime access to resources, free support (6 hours), and one-month warranty on fixes, you’re covered all the way.

    You can always claim minor changes, such as to content structure, wording, font or media size, at any stage of the project. This is part of our two free revision loops.

    Only major changes that are not part of this offer, such as e-commerce or e-learning integration, additional pages, or complex custom solutions like animations, will be charged extra at 50€ an hour. More on this below. 

    What costs should I expect other than website design services?

    Hosting: If you go for the starter package with a 6-month payment plan, you’ll have to expect additional hosting costs of €240 for the first year. After that, you can either move to your own hosting or continue running your website with us.

    E-commerce integration: If you want to sell products online, we can implement an e-commerce solution based on WooCommerce and make it legally compliant for the global market. The cost depends largely on how many products and custom product pages you want. Typically, we start at €999. 

    E-learning integration: If you want to sell online courses or give live lessons, we can implement an e-learning platform based on TutorLMS and WooCommerce.The cost depends largely on the number of features, the level of customization and the courses. Typically, we start at 1,499 €. 

    Do you offer ongoing support after the project is over?

    Absolutely. At the end of the web design project, we can discuss how I can continue to support your business so you can stay in your zone of genius, working with your clients.

    Can you guarantee my online success?

    No. We can never guarantee your success, because we don’t know how you run your business, nor are we experts in your fieldbut we do create the conditions for you to be successful! A small example to illustrate:

    Let’s say you run a restaurant. Our job is to find the most visited place in the city, build your restaurant there, set it up so that your guests feel comfortable, and the chefs have the best equipment to do their best. Whether you are friendly to the guests and your chefs cook delicious meals, so that they like to come back and recommend you, we can not influence. That is your business.

    How soon can we get started?

    Our calendar is open for January 2022.