We are WhizzByte

a collective of creative people based in different parts of the world who bring a taste of “the local” and cook that up in modern solutions.

Roman R. Póta

CEO / Founder

Daniel Neshkoski

CTO / Co-Founder

Hristina Sibinovska

Copywriter / Research Analyst

Dushan Janeski


Nebojsa Neshkoski

Software Engineer

Eugen Friedland

Software Architect

Henning Plaul


Florian Póta


Tamás Jánosi

Videographer / EDITor

Miroslav Jovanovski

Full Stack Web Developer

Dejan Trajkov

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aleksandra Micevska


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Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We understand that in today’s world you need to leave a mark in the digital space so that your business can thrive tomorrow.

Our Evolution

WhizzByte came to life one rainy evening when Roman and Daniel met in a pub and shared their common enthusiasm for creating digital solutions so visually attractive that will make others jealous. The German and the Macedonian kept in touch, working tirelessly many months after that rainy evening and are now delivering industry-tailored solutions to their clients. The team grew quickly and now includes web developers, marketers, and experts in advertising.