We specialize in developing industry-specific websites and mobile apps

Full Stack App & Web Design / Development:
Landing Pages, Corporate Websites, Online Shops, Mobile Apps

The range of our services goes from one-page websites that showcase your idea or product to full websites that match your identity and services. Our portfolio also includes e-commerce and mobile solutions, which makes WhizzByte a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

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User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design / Development, Responsive Design

Websites that are not designed for mobile devices or are overloaded with design – lose most visitors in no time

The first impression might often be the last impression: you rarely get a second chance! Good UI and UX design account for up to 94% of the overall experience and it is, therefore, the core of a successful website. We know how to provide your visitors with attractive user experiences, ensuring that they interact with your website and convert into customers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Onpage / Offpage Optimization, Keyword Research, Content Audit, Web Analytics

91% of all websites generate no traffic – no traffic means no customers

When it comes to increasing online visibility and reaching more customers, SEO gives businesses an unmatched advantage. However, constantly changing requirements make it difficult to keep up with the standards. We can help you cut through the noise and clutter of today’s marketing, providing you with the most effective SEO tools – so that you can focus on your business.

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Online Marketing

Market / Target Group Analysis, Advertising / Marketing Campaigns, Social Media / Search Engine Marketing (SEM), E-Commerce

In a world of stiff competition, you need to make your value proposition visible

Leveraging sophisticated marketing know-how, we will remind your website visitors why your products or services are worthwhile and, if necessary, give them the last push.

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Corporate Identity, Corporate Design

Successful brands are not merely built by advertising: without a differentiated value proposition companies are at stake of disappointing their customers. This further leads to disloyalty, low referral rates and ends in discount obligation

The universal principle of evolution applies to companies as well: it is the survival of the fittest! For your company to stay competitive in the long run, you must be equipped with “good genes” (core services) and nurture them further. Only then can you guarantee your customer’s satisfaction and identification with your brand at a premium price. We would be happy to help you position your company holistically.

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Motion Design

Motion Graphic Design, Photo- / Videography, Drone Aerial Footages, Interactive 360-Degree-Panoramas, Audio Design

Companies that cannot demonstrate their outstanding performance risk being overshadowed by competitors

Your products or services will only be attractive for customers in the long term if you manage to convey your uniqueness or added value into a positive experience. Our experienced motion designers provide you with engaging media appearances that create “wow effects” and lead your customers to an informed purchase decision.

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Let’s build something great together.