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Reconciling brand identity and online presence

Reconciling brand identity and online presence
Moderator Avon Kettner

Events industry


UX/UI Design
Web Development


Conceptual Design
HTML / CSS Coding
International SEO


Events industry


UX/UI Design
Web Development


Conceptual Design
HTML / CSS Coding
International SEO

Presenter and master of ceremonies Avon Kettner turned to WhizzByte to modernize his brand identity and establish a strong online presence.
Avon Kettner is a well-known name in the events industry in Germany and beyond, with nearly 30 years of experience on the stage as a presenter, fashion coach, design specialist, and actor, among others. He has successfully led events of different sizes, including corporate events, trade fairs, galas, weddings, and entertainment shows.


Limited website views and online audience

While Avon Kettner is a familiar brand in his home country of Germany, his bookings relied mostly on word-of-mouth strategy. His existing website lacked qualitative information, thus resulting in no new leads. With an international mindset, Avon Kettner wants to further position his brand into the world, which was limited with his existing website and online presence.


Expand brand presence awareness and reach

In order to help him evolve his brand and convey reliability through his online presence, WhizzByte focused on transforming Avon Kettner’s website from an incomprehensive service listing to clear, captivating, and content-rich well-defined offer.


Content-rich website that inspires trust in the brand

Content is king: the strategy for Avon Kettner’s new website was built around this notion and complemented with a web design that places story-telling in the first plan. The website features a neutral yet playful color palette, vibrant and interactive graphic elements, and a visitor-centric user experience.

Process & Insight

Maximum efficiency approach

WhizzByte works closely with its clients to assure delivering the best possible results regarding cost and time. To that end, we define project milestones jointly with the client and implement them upon approval. This approach has proven to be effective because our clients always know what they getwithout surprises. Consequently, revision loops are reduced to a minimum.

  • market research results

    1. Market Research
    (Competitor Research)

  • positioning results

    2. Positioning
    (Break Down Job Areas)

  • a/b testing photo selection

    3. UX/UI Design
    (A/B Testing Gallery)

  • wireframe desktop website

    4. Web Design
    (Wireframe Desktop Site)

  • wordpress theme editor

    4. Web Development
    (Custom Theme)

  • onpage seo text

    5. Search Engine Optimization
    (Image alts, H- & title tags, etc.)

  • facebook page preview

    6. Additional Brand-Value Features
    (Facebook Fan Page)

1. Brand Interview & Market Research

In the initial phase of the project we defined the potential challenges, the desired outcomes, and the ways to achieve them. Subsequently, we conducted an in-depth market analysis using market-leading SEO tools to determine potential solutions as well as steps to achieve them.

2. Positioning

In line with the expected outcomes, we paid particular attention to both text and design, as well as outlining complementary features, which would resonate well with the target audience. 

As Avon Kettner is a public figure, we took advantage of all the publicly available data, which was then systematically extracted to highlight his core qualities and differentiating features. An important feature we focused on presenting was Avon Kettner’s long-term experience, alongside his wide skill set.

To address the right target audience, we classified our client’s services into two superordinate categories: (1) areas he has already established himself in, and (2) areas he plans to tackle. We mainly focused on presenting our client’s B2B services, as the B2C segment was already targeted via other agencies.

3. UX/UI Design

Considering both Avon Kettner’s personal brand positioning and his potential clients, we chose refreshing pastel blue color, round shapes that denote positive emotions, and a modern yet playful font. The featured images derive from existing galleries with varying quality, which were enhanced to match with the other website elements. Our client’s portfolio was another important element we aimed to put forward through a design that presents the highlights of his career and demonstrate his skill set.

4. Web Design & Development

One of the client’s requests was the functionality to upload new image materials individually. To that end, we implemented a fully customized template in WordPress as a theme and added a dynamic gallery with an easy-to-use interface. 

Coding and programming were done according to the latest technical standards (fully responsive, browser compatibility, fluid design according to HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 conformity).

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To provide exposure to a wider audience, we built a well-thought-out SEO strategy with a focus on enhancing Avon Kettner’s organic search results. Initially, we identified the most frequently researched keywords in both target languages and then estimated the effort required to get into the top 10 search results. Additional OnPage SEO techniques include page speed optimization and copywriting.

WhizzByte also incorporated OffPage SEO through broken link building and local SEO by creating and optimizing a Google My Business account.

6. Additional Brand-Value Features

We added value through:

  • Creating a Facebook fan page, thus allowing for additional communication channel with followers
  • Ensuring website compliance with GDPR (opt-in cookie banner, legal notice, privacy policy, email notices, etc.)
  • Revising Avon Kettner’s resume and implementing it in a PDF-downloadable format
  • And much more…

Deliverables & Highlights

Mobile-First Approach

Mobile user base is growing in the recent period, which has largely affected website ranking, especially with Google’s Mobile-First Index coming to life. In developing Avon Kettner’s project we took the mobile-first approach that also translates well to any other device.

UI design color palette
website mobile mockup
website notebook mockup

The Psychology of Color and Font

Beyond compelling writing, we leveraged the strong psychological effect of colors to convey Avon Kettner’s qualities. Pastel blue is matching perfectly with the client’s vibrant personality, has a calming and positive effect on website visitors, and helps a brand build trust with visitors. With the modern, yet less formal font Montserrat we have underlined Avon Kettner’s joyful and energetic personality.

avon kettner color palette 44e10959

The Power of Words

No website can bring results without a good copy. Our project is deeply grounded in compelling and engaging content, where every line of text reveals new details about our client, Avon Kettner. Yet, for the audience that appreciates compact and on-the-go format rather than scrolling through the website, we also designed a printable PDF CV, highlighting all of Avon Kettner’s career milestones.

Additional Brand-Value Features

From a career spanning nearly three decades, we selected the best moments, aligned them, and gave them a clear and target group-oriented structure to achieve more with less. We also classified them by language and event type to make it easier for prospective clients to find what they need.


Analytics Overview
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GTmetrix website speed score avon kettner seo gtmetrix before 394779d4
Google website speed score avon kettner seo google before 320930e7
Pingdom website speed score avon kettner seo na a29eb7b6
Math Rank SEO site audit score avon kettner seo na 9f29b1c1
Ahrefs SEO site audit score avon kettner seo na 9f29b1c1
SEM Rush SEO site audit score avon kettner seo na 9f29b1c1
Neil Patel SEO site audit score avon kettner seo na 9f29b1c1
avon kettner potrait

quotation mark I could not have imagined that a service could be so flawless! I was blown away by the detail put into it, which shows that WhizzByte understood my needs thoroughly and delivered on them. Our collaboration resulted in a turnkey service comprising website development, SEO, marketing, external impact, and positioning—all of which perfectly fit my personality.

Avon Kettner

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